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ZUST 2023 Intake Admission

About: ZUST was founded in 1980, initially known as Hangzhou Industrial School Attached to Zhejiang University. Over 40 years’ development, ZUST has grown into a first-class application- oriented provincial university with distinctive international and regional characteristics.


ZUST has achieved 6 provincial first-class disciplines and established 13 scientific research and innovation platforms and think tanks such as the provincial key laboratories, the provincial international science and technology cooperation bases, the national and regional research center of the Ministry of Education, etc. In addition, ZUST has jointly founded 1 research center with the Industrial Culture Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, cooperatively built with local governments 19 local research institutes and centers for scientific research and development, or for scientific and technological transfer or transformation, and successfully created 3 key science and technology innovation teams of Zhejiang Province and 2 science and technology innovation teams of Zhejiang provincial universities. Besides, ZUST has won over 40 ministerial or provincial scientific research awards, including 2 national science and technology prizes in recent years.


ZUST has been keeping on the way of international education so that it always takes international exchanges and cooperation as an important development strategy; thus, its distinctive feature is international education. In this regard, ZUST is the first batch of universities to pass the quality certification on overseas students’ study in China by the Ministry of Education; it is also the construction unit of “Sino-German Forum” base, the member unit of the Federation of Colleges and Universities among China-Central and Eastern European Countries, the member unit of the Alliance of Business Colleges and Universities along the Silk Road. What's more, ZUST is the first batch of colleges and universities sponsored by the Silk Road Chinese Government Scholarship, the first batch colleges and universities funded by the China Scholarship Council for Young Key Teachers' Overseas Study program, the first batch colleges and universities to recruit overseas students to study in China subsidized by the Chinese Government Scholarship. On the whole, ZUST is the first batch of universities with international characteristics in Zhejiang province, its overall internationalization level ranks at the top of universities with the right to confer master's and doctoral degrees in Zhejiang Province; it also ranks at the top 50 China's public universities with international competitiveness.

 Program ID:  2300CH01

Language Program:

Chinese Language (0.5 – 1year)

Program Available (English Taught)

Bachelor Degree

Master Degree

Applied Physics

Civil Engineering

Communication Engineering

Computer Science & Technology

Data Science and Big Data Technology

Digit Media Technology

Food Science & Engineering

Information & Computational Science

International Business

International Economics and Trade


Robotics Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Applied Statistics

Advanced Manufacturing & Information

Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Intelligent Manufacturing & Control Engineering


Scholarship Details:

This University have ZUST Scholarship & Provincial Scholarship

ZUST Scholarship Coverage:  50% -100% Tuition Waiver

Provincial Scholarship Coverage: Tuition waiver + Hostel Fee (Good grades are required)


Fee Without Scholarship:

Chinese Language

Bachelor Degree

Master Degree

Tuition Fee:  ¥13,000/year

Hostel Fee:  ¥4,800/yearly

Insurance Fee:  ¥800/yearly

Tuition Fee:  ¥16,000/yearly

Hostel Fee:    ¥4,800/yearly

Insurance Fee:  ¥800/yearly

Tuition Fee:  ¥25,000/yearly

Hostel Fee:   ¥4,800/yearly

Insurance Fee:  ¥800/yearly


Basic requirement’s:

Passport Data Page

Certificate & Transcript

English Proficiency Certificate (If have)

Medical Report

Two Recommendation Letter (Master Applicant only)

Study Plan (700words >) Master Applicant only

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