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Things to know as an Investor

Global Investment and Education Marketing Company refer to as Global Marketing Company have excellent knowledge with an expert who will handle investors’ and make sure they invest in a safe and profitable business.

What Is An Investor?

An investor is a person who puts their funds or a portion of their money into a specific account, business venture or other financial assets to receive long-term economic benefits. There are two main types of investors—institutional investors and retail investors. Institutional investors generally invest in large corporations or organisations, whereas retail investors invest based on their preferences, choices and funds.

What should you look for as an Investor?

Right Fit Business

Location, Industry, and Stage of Development

Market Size

Do your homework

A competitive Edge

Social Proof


Business credibility

How To Become An Investor?

1. Identify your requirements

Every individual has different requirements and goals for starting investments. Knowing why you want to start investing can help you understand your motivations and guide informed decision making.


2. Choose your investment product

The financial market offers several investment products depending on your requirements. Financial products include mutual funds, equity shares, public provident fund (PPF), gold exchange-traded fund (ETF), bonds and currency. It is essential to understand the investment products in the market and which product best fits your needs to ensure higher returns in the long term.

3. Assess your risk capacity

Before you invest, knowing that every investment can have risk associated with it can help you gain clarity on investing your funds. Different people may have varying capacities for managing risks.


4. Plan your investment

Diversity in investment is essential, as it can minimise risks for funds and ensure that even if one or two products may have a rough phase, you can still get high returns from other investments. Strategically plan your investments based on your personal and professional goals.

5. Educate yourself

Investment is a long-term strategy that requires constant focus and learning new skills, where an investor can benefit from educating themselves on the current market trends and practices.


6. Evaluate your portfolio

Regularly evaluating your investment portfolio can help you understand the things you did right and the areas that can benefit from improvement. Portfolio monitoring depends on the type of product in which you invest.

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