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Study Master's Degree in Cyprus

Are you ready to pursue a Master's degree at a prestigious institution renowned for its academic excellence and generous scholarship opportunities? Look no further than Cyprus West University (CWU), located in the beautiful setting of North Cyprus.

One of the key highlights of Cyprus West University is its generous scholarship offerings 50%  tuition waiver scholarships for qualified students. These scholarships provide financial assistance to deserving students, allowing them to pursue their educational goals without the burden of excessive tuition fees.

    Why Choose Global Marketing Agency? Global Marketing Agency (GMA) is your trusted partner in securing scholarship admission to Cyprus West University. Here's why applicants should choose our agency for a high success rate:

  1. Proven Success Rate: With a reputation for excellence and a high success rate, GMA has a track record of helping students secure scholarship admission to CWU. Our experienced team understands the nuances of the application process and provides personalized guidance to maximize each applicant's chances of success.

  2. Expert Guidance: Our agency offers expert guidance and support throughout the entire application process, from selecting the right program to preparing application materials and meeting admission requirements. We ensure that applicants present their strongest possible candidacy to CWU.

  3. Direct Access to Resources: As a trusted partner of Cyprus West University, we have direct access to resources and insights that give our applicants a competitive advantage. Our close collaboration with CWU's admissions team ensures that our applicants receive timely updates and guidance throughout the application journey.

Offer / Program Details:
          Master's Degree: (2years program)
          Intake: September 2024 (Deadline:
not set)
          English Taught

University Name:   Cyprus West University
City/Country:   Famagusta, North Cyprus

Program Details & Fees

Program (English Taught)
Tuition Fee (yearly)

Tuition Fee After
(50% Waiver Scholarship)

Business Administration
Required Documents:

   * Passport Data Page
   * Photo Passport Size

 Academic Background

         Degree Certificate & Transcript
         One Recommendation Letter

English Proficiency (if have)
         Note: If you have an English Proof Letter that shows your High School program was taught in English, you’re exempt from providing English Proficiency.

Program ID:  2400CWU02

Our Service Charges:
Application/Processing Fee:  FREE (To be pay after we review your documents and check your eligibility)
           Service Fee:  FREE  (make payment after the issue of Admission Offer Letter)

Expect to get Admission  Offer:  7-10 days

Success Rate:   Very-High

Applying through our agency will increase your acceptance rate with a fast-track process, and we will guide and support your visa processing. Let us get you onboard with the process and guide you step by step until you get your visa

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