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Job offers in Portugal

Are you dreaming of a new beginning in the vibrant and welcoming country of Portugal? Look no further! Global Marketing Agency is your trusted partner in realizing your dreams by offering a seamless pathway to a Job Seeker Visa, complete relocation support, and swift job placement within just one month of your arrival in Portugal.

Embark on your journey hassle-free with Global Marketing Agency. We specialize in securing Job Seeker Visas to Portugal, ensuring a smooth transition for both skilled and non-skilled workers.

Job Opening Positions (Skilled & Non-Skilled) Workers
If your profession falls under any of the below-listed job categories, the "Job Seeker Visa" is suitable for you.

Cleaning and Household Workers

Lorry and Bus Drives Passenger Car, Vans, and Motorcycles Drivers
Train Drivers and similar activities Warehouse & Logistics Employees Machine and Vehicles Mechanics and Repairers
Machinery Operators in the Extractive, Processing and Civil Construction Industries Garment and Footwear Industry Workers (Tailors, Shoemakers, etc.) Food Processing Workers (Meat and Fish preparers, Canners, etc.)
Electricity and Electronic Workers Metallurgy Workers, Metalworking (Structure Assemblers, Welders, Locksmiths, etc) Construction Finishing Workers (Tilers, Plasterers, Plumbers, Painters, etc.)
Workers in the Construction of Basic Structures (Bricklayers, Pavers, Reinforced Concrete, Carpenters) Extractive, Processing and Construction Industries Commissionaires Fisheries and Aquaculture Workers
Agriculture, Animal Production and Forest Workers Protection and Security Services personnel (guards, concierges, etc.) Sales Assistant and Cash Operators
Hairdressers, beauticians, massage therapists and similar activities Hotel receptionists Waiters and Bartenders
Bakers, Pastry Chefs and Confectioners Kitchen Helpers and Meal Preparators Chefs & Cooks
Call centre personnel and telephone station staff Clerks, Administrative and Secretaries Physical Activity and Sports Technicians (Athletes, Coaches, Instructors, etc.)
Artists and Performing Arts Workers Cultural and Religious Activity Technicians (Librarians, Museum Curators, Photographers, Decorators, etc.) Telecommunications technicians
Information Technology Experts and Operators Analysts and Developers (software, web, and applications) Education Assistants
Teachers Veterinarians and Veterinary Assistants Health Assistants and Family Helpers
Health professionals (Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Therapists, etc.) Pharmaceuticals Nurses and Nursing Assistants
General Doctors and Specialists Physicians, Chemists, Mathematicians and Statistics

Legal and Social Affairs Specialists (Lawyers, Economists, Psychologists, Journalists, Translators, etc.

Experts in Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing and Public Relations Agronomists, Forestry and Environment Engineers Industrial, Civil, Mechanical, Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineers Biologists, Botanists, Zoologists Architects, Urbanists and Designers

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

  1. Job Seeker Visa Assistance:

    • Navigate the visa application process effortlessly with our expert guidance.
    • We streamline the paperwork, making your journey towards securing a Job Seeker Visa stress-free.
  2. Airport Pick-Up Service:

    • Arrive in Portugal with ease and comfort as we take care of your transportation from the airport.
    • Our dedicated team ensures a warm welcome, making your arrival hassle-free.
  3. Accommodation Solutions:

    • Relax and settle into your new life worry-free with our accommodation support.
    • We assist in finding suitable living arrangements tailored to your preferences and budget.
  4. Job Placement within 1 Month:

    • Whether you are a skilled professional or a non-skilled worker, we're committed to securing your employment swiftly.
    • Our vast network of employers in Portugal ensures a job that matches your skills and aspirations within the first month.

Embark on a new adventure with Global Marketing Agency – Your Bridge to a Brighter Future in Portugal! Contact us today to kickstart your journey.

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