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As an entrepreneur, you’re looking for investors that are the right fit for your business, and investors are looking for essentially the same thing in reverse: businesses that are the right fit for their investment portfolio. The best way to determine whether your business is a good match for investors is to look at investments they’ve made in the past and see whether there’s symmetry.

Investor Expectation:

  • Equity shares: In return for their funds, investors receive an equity share in your company. As a result, they will get a percentage of the funds if the company is sold or liquidated.

  • Business decisions: Be prepared to give investors some decision-making power. If you are not the majority shareholder, you could be out-voted and even voted out. This gives some entrepreneurs — especially those who want to keep a family-run business — a reason to pause before seeking investors.

  • Eventual sale or initial public offering (IPO): For many investors, the ideal business owner will have an exit plan because most investors are interested in companies that have a high likelihood of being bought or going public. “Investment by outsiders is for scalable, defensible, high-profile startups with proven management teams

  • Ensured success: Many investors are also motivated to mentor you, sharing their experience and skills, to ensure the venture in which they placed their funding is going to succeed. Your investors may also have professional and financial connections that can help your business grow. The level of their involvement will vary by the type of investor as well as the personality of that individual or the approach of that investment group.

We're welcoming all kinds of business that have the potential of generating profit, either physical business or online business.

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