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Full Scholarship Admission @ ZCMU

Are you eager to pursue a Bachelor's degree in the field of Chinese medicine at one of China's premier institutions? Look no further than Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU), a renowned university dedicated to excellence in traditional Chinese medicine education, research, and practice.

???? About Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU): Situated in the heart of Hangzhou, China, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) stands as a beacon of traditional Chinese medicine education and innovation. With a rich history spanning decades, ZCMU is committed to preserving and advancing the ancient art and science of Chinese medicine. The university offers a wide range of Bachelor's degree programs in areas such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy, and more, providing students with a comprehensive education grounded in both theory and practice.

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Intake: September. 2024 
Program Duration: 4-5years (Full Time)

Bachelor's Degree:

Offer 01

  1. Pharmacy  (English Taught)
  2. Nursing  (English Taught)
  3. Stomatology  (Chinese + English Taught)

Scholarship Coverage:

         Tuition Fee:  FREE / yearly
         Hostel Fee:  
not covered)
¥ 2,250 — 9,000 /yearly
Note: From the second year Scholarships are typed and coverage are based on student performance.

Offer 02

  1. Clinical Medicine (MBBS)  (Chinese + English Taught)

Tuition + Scholarship Details:

         Tuition Fee:  ¥22,000 / yearly
         Hostel Fee:  
not covered)
¥2,250 —  ¥9,000 /yearly
Note: From the second year student will get Scholarships.

At Global Marketing Agency, we are committed to helping ambitious scholars secure Scholarship "Bachelor's Degree" admissions at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University. Elevate your academic journey with us and step into a world of endless possibilities.

Required Documents:

  • Passport Data Page
  • Photo Passport Size (white background)
  • Certificate & Transcript
  • Study Plan (500 words & above)
  • Medical Report (Contact with us to get medical form)
  • Non-Criminal Report
  • Bank Statement (¥20,000 worth & above)

Age Limit: 18 - 30 years

Program ID:  2401CHZH01

Our Service Charges:

Processing Fee:  100   (To be pay after we review your documents and check your eligibility)
Service Fee  €400  (
make payment after the issue of Admission Notice & Jw202 Visa Form)

Applying through our agency will increase your acceptance rate with a fast-track process, and we will guide and support your visa processing. Let us get you onboard with the process and guide you step by step until you get your visa.

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